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Today, and into the future, the internet is seeing a proliferation of sites. There are very few unique businesses, and most sites on the net will be competing for popularity with a number of similar sites. The majority of web site 'designers' are usually skilled graphic artists or multimedia specialists who have taken their skills into a computer environment. Most are capable of producing a site with tremendous viewer impact. However, if the site is not viewed by your marketplace, then the accomplishments of the designer are futile, and you have wasted your money. Search engines index a site based on the CONTENT of that site, not the way it looks. We are often dismayed by the fancy sites we find that have little or no content for the search engines to latch on to.

The internet used to foster the free exchange of information. Similar sites would exchange links with each other, and a true network of information was established. The user would find a site on a topic, and never have to resort to a search engine to find another.

Today, with the ratings game being played, the internet has become insular, and site owners have instituted false economies by submitting links from their sites, or by expecting others to pay for the priviledge of being linked. The net result is that sites are disappearing from view, overshadowed by the shear numbers of competing sites, and the search engines now reign supreme.

Search Engine position is today the number one arbitrator of site popularity. Even if you have an excellent site, if it does not rate high in the search engines, it will not receive very many visitors.

Publishing to the web is not the same as in print, or choosing a time slot on radio or television. On the web, your market actually defines itself to you. Users looking for your type of goods or services, or looking for shopping ideas in your geographic area, will use the many available search engines, and will look for sites like yours by entering keywords for the query to search on. The returned list of sites will guide the shopper, and if your site is not on that list, you will not get the business.

Plain text sites with high content will usually do much better than fancy sites with little content. For highest success, a site should be designed with two points in mind:

  1. the site content should be tailored to rank high with the various search engines for the usual keyword searches used to find similar sites, and
  2. the site should be easily navigated by the user, with lots of incentive to remain and view your site until a buying decision is reached.

Only then should the question of graphic design come up. Anything done by the designer should not, under any circumstances, reduce the content of your site or increase the difficulty of navigation.

If you are thinking of building a website, or are not satisfied with the business your site generates, we will be able to assist you. Is your site doing what you intended it to?

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