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SEO Submission

Search engines might find your site on their own if they find a link to you on another site while crawling the web, but you can hasten the process by leting them know you exist. Become familiar with the major search engines, and submit your site to them as a crawl request.

We have included a list of the major search engines.

Add Website to Google
Google has become the leader in search engines on the web. Your site must be listed with Google if you want any traffic at all. Submission to Goole includes AOL who use data from Google.
Yahoo Submit
Yahoo populates its indexes through the crawl process. Notify them about your home page and they will discover all of your other pages by following the links you have included, either on the pages or in the menus for your site. Yahoo also allows you to submit any pages which have links back to you. Any backlinks you discover should be submitted to Yahoo to accelerate the benefits to your site. If you have syndicated your site, register your site feed with Yahoo as well. Submission to Yahoo includes Alta Vista who use data from Yahoo.
MSN has become a major player in the Microsoft OEM niche, and your site should be submitted to their crawler. (formerly AskJeeves) indexes sites by discovery only, the way it used to be done in the early days. They do not accept requests to add a url. They do, however, support the xmlsitemap protocol, and you can inform them of your site using a sitemap.(Update: It appears that no longer accepts submissions for external websites.)
B2B search engine.
Scrub The Web
One of the first to offer SEO tools.
Exact Seek
Sign up for a user account, and list your site. Exact Seek handles searches for several others, including Aesop.

There are very few actual search engines. The vast majority have contracted to use someone else's indexes, and claims of SEO's offering to submit your site to hundreds are actually primarily directory submissions. In some cases the SEO 'Professionals' maintain a number of them themselves so they will have a lot of verifiable submissions to charge you for.

When you talk about real search engines, what you see on this page is pretty well it.

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