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SEO Activity

An active site is a desirable site. The more often your existing pages are updated, or new pages are added, the more frequently the search engines will index your content.

The simplest, and most time consuming, method is for you to spend every waking minute adding or updating the information you present to the user. If the site is your business, that may be fine. However, even in such a case there is an easier way. Have your users add content.

One of the simplest methods is to permit users to add comments to what you have written. Encourage discussions. If your site is suitable, let your users create accounts and log in to create content. Set up page syndication or email notifications that the users leaving comments can subscribe to. That way they do not have to keep checking back to see if someone has responded to them. They will be notified.

Set up a Frequently Asked Questions or Ask an Expert function where users can ask you a question and the questions are posted with your answers. Allow the users to create their own discussions with a Forum. Create a Wiki that the users can share in the development, or permit your users to post to their own personal blogs. All of these methods keep fresh content appearing on your site, with little or no effort on your part.

Above all, give your users the ability to invite their friends to view the site. Set up a Tell A Friend block in your sidebar. The more users you have, the more will post, and the more active your site will be.

Do everything you can to grow your site.

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