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2013.05 Monetising Your Site with Advertising

Submitted by Admin on Fri, 24/05/2013 - 13:19

Today, it is expected that web sites will carry advertising. Maintaining a web site costs money, and many who maintain the sites are doing so to make a living.

Advertising can take many forms. If you are lucky enough to have a sponsor, the advertising may be as simple as a link to the sponsors web site, and, possibly, flattering editorial content directing your users to the sponsor's business.

Most often, sponsorships will not pay for the entire operation, and several sponsorships will be sold, with a payment scale depending on the size and placement of the ad, and the readership of the site. High traffic sites can charge more for the advertising than those which are just starting out. In the area of paid ad placement, web sites operate the same as any publication. Advertising pays the bills. To get into the big leagues, you need to be able to promote your web site to the public and make them want to come and see what you have posted. The better your traffic, the more successful you will be convincing advertisers to pay for placement on your site.

Most web sites cannot work with paid advertising. If you are lucky enough to be approached by an advertiser, great. But the sale of advertising is a full time sales specialty, and professionals will want to be able to generate their own income from the sales they make on your behalf. Most blogs are one-person operations, and having a sales professional visiting potential advertisers is not in the cards.

The alternative for both advertisers and web site publishers are the popular pay-per-click providers. The leader in this field is Google Adsense, but they are neither the only nor the best provider.

The benefit to advertisers is a wider distribution of their advertising. Their ads have a very large number of impressions (views), and the visits to their own web site (clicks) are counted. It is relatively easy to track the clicks per impression, and the conversion (sales) rate per visit, and campaigns can be monitored and adjusted for maximum benefit. Many advertisers are finding this to be the best method to generate sales, and the cost to profit ratio can be budgeted. Most providers apply targeting algorithms so the ads appear on web pages related to the advertisers business, thus improving the effectiveness of the ads and increasing the ads conversion rates. This benefits everyone, as the revenue is based on reader response.

Recognizing this, web site publishers are participating more and more as publishers. Signing up for Google Adsense is now de rigeur for any new blog. If you are going to make the effort to start and maintain a web site, you might as well create a reliable, if small, revenue stream right at the beginning. As your readership grows,so will your revenue. Years ago, web authors used to try to disguise the pay-per-click advertising with phrases like "Help support our site by visiting our sponsors...". Today visitors recognize the ads for what they are, and subterfuge is not recommended. Just place the ads so they are visible, without detracting from the usability of your site, and your visitors will choose to follow the links if they are interested.

There are many different types of programs available to web publishers. Several alternatives to Google Adsense exist, as well as a number of in-line text links providers. Revenue is generally based on conversion, but some, like TextLinkAds are simply paid SEO links for their clients. These can be placed unobtrusively at the bottom of your home page, and do not have to be repeated on other pages. Providers who work with PayPal will generally credit your PayPal account when your balance goes over $10.00, so you get your money much more quickly. If they have to send you a cheque, the minimum is usually $100.00.

As a web site publisher, it would be foolish to pass up a revenue steam, no matter how small. As your visitor numbers increase, so will your income. The advertising on your site will not improve your visitor numbers, nor, contrary to some, will it work against you. Visitors are used to seeing ads. Just make sure that the ads do not interfere with the use of your site, and you will be fine.

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