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Webmaster Seminar

Our webmaster seminar is 16 hours of instruction ( four sessions )
aimed at individuals who are familiar with the use of a computer,
and who wish to learn how to create and manage a simple web site.
Each participant will be expected to create a functioning web site
during the course of the seminar.

We begin with an explanation of the web site design process,
and walk the participant through the design of a site.
We cover the features which must be present for the site to be successful,
and include site maintenance in the design process.

The participants then learn how to structure the site content,
and how to encode the site, using a text editor.
The requirements of XHTML 1.0 are covered, and the participants are
shown how to wrap a standard page around their content and to
maintain a consistent look and feel throughout the site.

The layout and presentation of the site is covered with an
introduction to style sheets and the participants will learn how
to effect overall changes in the appearance of the site without
recoding individual pages.

Finally, site expansion and maintenance are covered, as well
as several specialized topics to let the participants know the
range of things they are able to accomplish with their site.


Session 1: Web Site Design
  • Understanding the Server-Browser relationship
  • Why does a user visit a web site?
  • How does a user use a web site?
  • Structure and presentation of site content.
  • Do's and Don't's of web site design.
  • Planning site maintenance
  • Mission Statement and scope
  • Planning content
Session 2: Web Site Coding
  • Document Object Model
  • Mark-up Languages
  • Understanding XHTML 1.0
  • Structuring a document with XHTML
  • Understanding document flow
  • Wrapping content in a standard page
  • Encoding content
Session 3: Layout and presentation
  • Review of Document Object Model stressing structure vs Presentation
  • Cascading Style Sheet principles
  • CSS Box Model
  • Modifications of Standard Page
  • Styling Your Site
Session 4: Expansion and maintenance
  • Keeping content current
  • Adding content
  • Introduction to scripting
  • Forms and Email
  • Additional sources for information

Participants should have a computer available at the seminar (preferably a laptop)
with networking enabled, and should have ftp access to a web server with a domain
for their web site.

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