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Computer Security Seminar

Our computer security seminar is 6 hours of instruction ( one session )
aimed at individuals who are familiar with the use of a computer,
and who wish to learn how to keep their information and equipment secure.
The seminar is given with a view to the stand-alone or home-networked computer,
however the principles are easily and effectively applied in a business environment.
Most people completely misunderstand what security is, and are confused
by the number of anti-this and clean-up-that programs. Our seminar simplifies
the understanding of security, and is presented to give the non-professional
an understanding of what security is, and how to achieve it simply.

We begin with a surprising definition of 'Security' and walk the participant
through its elements. After the seminar, the participants will have the peace
of mind that comes from knowing they can achieve a secure computer.


Session: Computer Security
  • Understanding Security
  • Elements of security
  • Administrative methods
  • Understanding correct practices
  • Physical security concerns
  • Planning for recovery
  • Threats and their avoidance
  • Understanding Security

Participants should have lots of paper, be prepared to participate in discussions, and to take copious notes!

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