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SEO Monitoring

Monitor your site. Make sure it is up and running. Check your user activity. See what pages they are viewing, how many pages they see, and how long they stay on your site. Keep abreast of your search engine position, and try to improve your performance when you discover weaknesses.

AWStats is perhaps the mostly used log analyzer for a reason. It is good. Get a log analyzer to monitor the logs for your site. Understand the access patterns of your users, find what keywords are being used to reach your site, and track your site accesses daily. If you are hosted by an ISP, have them set up a log analysis on your site. If you manage your own servers, make sure you add this important piece of software. Without log analysis, you are blind.
Google Webmaster Central
Create an account with Google and use their Webmaster Tools to monitor your site as Google sees it. Any indexing problems will show themselves here, and the reports Google gives you will guide your corrections. You can also monitor things like average page generation times to see if there is a server problem developing. As your site becomes busy, you may begin to experience server overload.

Many other webmaster tools are available. Do a search, and choose the ones that best suit your needs. But make sure you take advantage of these two.

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