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SEO Links - Alexa is unique on the web as an accumulator of web site ranking information from the widespread use of the Alexa browser toolbar. They have been collecting information and analyzing web site usage since 1996, and a site's Alexa rating is an indication of the strength of its user base.

As a site owner, you are able to edit your own site information by going to the Alexa Site Edit page and entering the URL of your home page. Alexa will add your site if it is not already listed, and will show you the information it has about your site. You may then update/correct anything they have, and they will send you a confirmation email. (You MUST have an email address based in the domain name you have just edited.)

When you receive the email, click on the confirmation link, and the changes you made will be committed.

Site widgets are available to incorporate Alexa information into your web site if you wish. Technically Alexa is a search engine, not a directory, but links from Alexa search pages will count heavily toward your rating in other search engines.

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