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Remora Robot

A Remora is a 'cleaner' fish, which removes parasites from larger fish and lives in symbiosis with them.

Our robot is named Remora because it spiders web sites looking for broken links. If any are found, we report the broken links to the system administrator. Nothing is more harmful to a web site than disappointed users.

Remora obeys the robots.txt standard, and only retrieves html files. It will not tax your bandwidth with unnecessary requests. We have a limit of 20 minutes on any one site, a standard delay of 10 seconds between requests, and a session request limit of 500 pages. If a page has already been checked, it will not be rechecked for at least 30 days. Sites are revisited no sooner than every four days. Remora is only run between midnight and 6 AM ET. If you wish the defaults to be altered for your site, contact us. If you wish to have your site skipped, simply add a disallow in your robots.txt, and Remora will bypass your site.

If you wish to subscribe to have us monitor the link integrity your web site, please contact us at Inc during business hours.

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