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Information Security

There are two primary concerns with business information:

  • Preservation of Information
  • Protection of Information

The first concern is to preserve the information so your business has un-interrupted access to it. If you lose your business information, the cost of recovery may prevent you from continuing to do business! Imagine the state of your business if you have lost your accounting records, lists of customers etc. The preservation of information is the simplest to implement, and the most common failure of security we encounter.

Businesses and individuals come to us with failed hard drives asking us to help them to recover from critical losses about once every month. The sad fact is that, although these recoveries are often possible, the expense is often in the thousands of dollars, and there are no guarantees. Simple back-up routines are much less expensive, permit immediate recovery of information, with losses determined by the diligence of the back-up protocols. Please come to us and discuss your security requirements before it becomes a question of disaster recovery.

The second concern, that of keeping information private, is ultimately only a secondary concern, yet it receives the higher level of diligence. Privacy of information is a mindset, and not a matter of building higher walls. Computer intrusion is only a concern if you have left the computers open to intrusion. If your business policies are set and applied properly, your computers will remain safe from intrusion, and the information you are trying to protect will remain safe. This is a simple security audit of your data protocols and network set up. Inc. has the experience and resources to put your mind at ease, and to help you set up a comprehensive security policy to preserve and to protect your business information. In the current market, this is the most cost-effective business interruption insurance you can invest in.

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