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2008.3 April - Disaster Recovery Planning and Business Continuity Strategies

Submitted by Admin on Tue, 22/04/2008 - 12:30

At least once a month we have someone call us in a panic because their hard drive has failed and they are about to suffer a loss if they cannot recover their information!

Although we can help in most cases, data recovery is both expensive and uncertain. In each case we would rather have helped them to prevent disaster!

Is your Company prepared? If you lose your business information today, are you prepared to continue doing business tomorrow?

Disaster Recovery Planning is a 6 step process that will allow companies to be as prepared as possible for a Disaster. Whether it is a hard drive failure, natural disaster or man made disaster such as theft of computer equipment.

The Inc. approach includes:

  • Analysis of your business information use.
  • Analysis of your information data and storage, with emphasis on availability.
  • Plan for recovery or replacement of lost data.
  • Plan for recovery of lost business function.
  • Plan for business continuity during recovery period.
  • Implemention and acid test of recovery strategies.
  • Periodic review to accomodate business changes.

A disaster is both time consuming and costly. It means trying to recover your business information and continuing on with your day to day affairs. If your doors are closed, your competitors will be providing for your customers. Disaster planning and Business Continuity Planning are important. Today's customer wants service right away and are not willing to wait for you to get your problems under control. If your problems cause them problems, their solution will be to find some one else. Even if you provide a unique service, such as a community service, disaster can mean an interruption of essential services to those who cannot afford to lose your support.

Please contact today and one of our Consultants will meet with you to develop a plan which will meet your needs and fit your budget. Call us today, before disaster strikes!

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