SEO Links - General Directories

Don't let them kid you. Most of these directories are vying for attention just like you are. The paid submissions promising rapid inclusion will get you listed more quickly. However, if you have a quality site, it is in their best interest to include you if for no other reason than to improve the quality of their own content.

We test all of the links on these pages to ensure that they will not be flagged by Google as 'Bad Neighborhood'. Wherever possible, avoid reciprocal links. Be patient, and wait for your site to be listed. If you must give a reciprocal link, include the rel='nofollow' in the link as soon as it has been confirmed by the Directory.

Backlinks are very important, but these directories are only the starting point. If you use a 'cut and paste' method to submit the information, search engines will flag the directory entries as duplicate content, and the effectiveness of your hard work will be destroyed. Take the time to make each description unique. A few unique Directory entries will be much more effective that 100 identical entries. Remember to include your desired keywords in your descriptions.

SEO Links - Standard Directories

The directories listed here require you to navigate to the category that best suits your site.

This is actually good, as you will be able to see what other sites are in that category, and make the decision if the category best suits your site. If so, you will find an Add Your Site link somewhere to use.

SEO Links - Standard Directories with Login

These are standard directories with a difference.

Each site either permits, or requires, you to create a user account on the site to submit or to maintain your listings. Remember to record login information along with the sites you list. This type of documentation is absolutely necessary if you are ever to be able to re-enter and make changes.

SEO Links - Single Step Submissions

Each of the following links takes you directly to the submission page. You can choose your classification during the submission process. This allows for a more efficient submission process to multiple directories, but be very careful choosing a category. If they do not think your site belongs in the requested category, most reserve the right to block any submissions from you in the future.

Read the submission guidelines carefully before you submit your site.

SEO Links - Deep Links Directories

Directories with deep links allow you to feature a section of your site, rather than just the home page, in the directory. If you are looking to feature a small portion as a showcase item, list the deep links with some of these directories.

Just the links to the home pages are listed here in most cases. Find the appropriate category, and click on Suggest Listing to submit. Be careful here, as most of these sites carry lots of Google ads, and you have to be sure you are not clicking on one of the AdSense links. A lot of these directories are small, but take the time to add your site.