SEO Links - Open Directory Project

The Open Directory Project at is the largest directory of web sites on the internet. How are they different? In their own words from their FAQ:

Other directories such as Yahoo! and LookSmart are developed and managed by small paid staffs. The ODP was founded on the premise that directories with small staffs can not scale to the growth of the Web, and still maintain a quality, current directory.

The ODP is developed and managed by a constantly growing community of net-citizens who are experts in their areas of interest. Given this vast community of subject expertise and the global nature of the directory, there is always someone working on the directory: processing submissions, resolving dead links, culling out the bad and keeping only quality information, and discovering new topics to add.

Unlike small paid staffs, ODP editors are Web searchers creating a directory for other Web searches. This kind of philanthropy and passion creates a directory that is directly relevant to what people are looking for on the Web, and how they search the Web for information.

The Open Directory Project is used by about 150 other directories in the English language alone, and spans numerous other languages.

Submission of your site to the Open Directory Project will involve selection of a category and description of your site. Each directory you submit to will require a description. Do not cut and paste. Make each description unique, and keep it within the guidelines for the directory.

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