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2008.1 February - Utilizing the Web for business in Rural Areas

Submitted by Admin on Tue, 22/04/2008 - 12:48

The web can be a great way to promote your business and educate potential customers on the services you offer.

The most commonly stated problem we hear is that Rural means Dial up and it is too slow. We believe that the rural web is an untapped market because companies are not catering to the needs of those with dial up. Our design principals strive to create informative and educational web sites accessible to users on dial-up conections. People are not on your website to be entertained. They are there to make a buying decision.

Our Seminar teaches

    2008.2 March - Web Design Basics and Web Search Placement

    Submitted by Admin on Tue, 22/04/2008 - 12:40

    How often do we hear something like: 'When I search my company name I am third on Google but I don't seem to get much business from my website.'

    This is a direct quote from one of our clients. When we researched his problem it soon became apparent that his web site was flash based, with lots of noise and movement, but no content. It was all fluff and no fiber. Fluff is the stuffing that fills out a pillow but it is the fiber that makes it a pillow. The fluff just blows away.

    2008.3 April - Disaster Recovery Planning and Business Continuity Strategies

    Submitted by Admin on Tue, 22/04/2008 - 12:30

    At least once a month we have someone call us in a panic because their hard drive has failed and they are about to suffer a loss if they cannot recover their information!

    Although we can help in most cases, data recovery is both expensive and uncertain. In each case we would rather have helped them to prevent disaster!

    Is your Company prepared? If you lose your business information today, are you prepared to continue doing business tomorrow?


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