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2012.12 Secure File Backups and Sync Between Devices

Submitted by Admin on Thu, 03/01/2013 - 18:29

With the increasing popularity of mobile devices, syncing files between devices has become a major issue with computing today.

The advent of cloud computing is an approach to keeping your work available wherever you may be. If your work is available to all of your devices, you can retrieve it and work on it no matter what device you have active at the time. Your work is also safe.

I can't remember the number of time I have heard of someone losing all their photos, for instance, with the loss of their cell phone. has a free file-sync service that you can use to back up and restore your files (2 Gb up to 15 Gb) for free. Their paid service is about the fairest you will find on the internet (100 Gb for $10/month) if you wish to upgrade. also allows you to save your files from your mobile device and sync them with all your other devices.

To work on a file from another computer, simply log in to your account, retrieve the file, and put it back when you are done. Your changes will be propagated to all your other devices automatically.

We cannot recommend strongly enough. Make them a part of your work flow and avoid the disaster which will surely happen if you have not backed up your work.

Install Dropbox today!

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